MLCC- SMD/SMT (387 )


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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StylePackegROHSCapacitanceVoltage Rating DC (V)Tolerance (%)Max Operating Temp ºcLead Spacing (mm)Case Code - inMaterial
CL43B226KPJNNNF1812 22MF 10V X5R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
1539 במלאי
Min 25
SAMSUNGT/RROHS22MF10V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1812X5R
SMDC150PF-1808-VEN1808 150PF 2000V X7R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
1380 במלאי
Min 25
VENKEL 2000T/RROHS150PF2000V20- 55Cº to +125Cº1808X7R
SMDC1NF-1808-NOV1808 1NF 3000V X7R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
440 במלאי
Min 25
NOVACAPT/RROHS1NF3000V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1808X7R
SMDC1NF-1808-VEN1808 1NF 3000V X7R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
1400 במלאי
Min 25
VENKEL 2001T/RROHS1NF3000V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1808X7R
SMDC470NF-1812-KYO1812 470NF 100V X5R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
49 במלאי
Min 25
KYOCERAT/RROHS470NF100V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1812X5R
SMDC470NF-1812-NOV1812 470NF 250V
2460 במלאי
Min 25
NOVACAPT/RROHS470NF250V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1812X5R
CC1210KKX5R7BB2261210 22MF 16V X5R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
נגמר המלאי
Min 25
KOMET/RROHS22MF16V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1210X5R
CC1210KKX7R8BB1061210 10MF 25V X7R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
3000 במלאי
Min 25
KOMET/RROHS10MF25V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1210X7R
SMDC100MF-12101210 100MF 16V X5R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
נגמר המלאי
Min 25
CAL CHIPT/RROHS100MF16V20- 55Cº to +125Cº1210X5R
SMDC100NF-12101210 100NF 50V X7R Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
2450 במלאי
Min 25
YAGEOT/RROHS100NF50V10- 55Cº to +125Cº1210X7R
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