MINI DIN (23 )


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23 מתוך 23 תוצאות

ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerVoltage Rating AC (V)Current Rating (A)Mounting StylePlatingInsulator colorROHSNumber of PositionsConnection Type
DIN901Mini DIN 901 TYP 8 PinsDatasheetDetails
598 במלאי
Min 1
NK301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS8
DJ04MMini Din Connector 4 Pins Without shellDatasheetDetails
197 במלאי
Min 1
301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS4
DJ04SMini Din Connector 4 Pins With shellDatasheetDetails
199 במלאי
Min 1
_301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS4
DJ05MMini Din Connector 5 Pins Without shellDatasheetDetails
306 במלאי
Min 1
_301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS5
DJ05SMini Din Connector 5 Pins With shellDatasheetDetails
301 במלאי
Min 1
_301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS5
DJ06MMini Din Connector 6 Pins Without shellDatasheetDetails
200 במלאי
Min 1
_301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS6
DJ06SMini Din Connector 6 Pins With shellDatasheetDetails
200 במלאי
Min 1
_301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS6
DJ07MMini Din Connector 7 Pins Without shellDatasheetDetails
95 במלאי
Min 1
_301Through HoleSelective GoldBlackROHS7
DM03PMini DIN Connector 3 Pins MaleDatasheetDetails
298 במלאי
Min 1
DM03SMini DIN Connector 3 Pins FemaleDatasheetDetails
300 במלאי
Min 1
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