Infrared LED 3mm (3 )


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3 מתוך 3 תוצאות

ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackegPackage / CaseWavelength (nm)Viewing AngleROHSOperating Temperature Range
LTE-42063mm Infrared LEDDatasheetDetails
200 במלאי
Min 1
_Through Hole3mm63520ROHS-30 to +85
MI31TA3mm Infrared LEDDatasheetDetails
4000 במלאי
Min 1
_Through Hole3mm880ROHS-30 to +85
TSHA44013mm Infrared LEDDatasheetDetails
2490 במלאי
Min 1
VISHAYThrough Hole3mm875ROHS-30 to +85