3mm Yellow Round LED (5 )


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סינון נבחר

5 מתוך 5 תוצאות

ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerPackegPackage / CaseLuminous Intensity (mcd)Illumination ColorWavelength (nm)Viewing AngleLens ColorROHSOperating Temperature Range
SLR-030610-040-T/R-H3mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
4000 במלאי
Min 5
SHARLIGHTThrough Hole3mm25Yellow588Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-030610-3243mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
14370 במלאי
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole3mm40Yellow59060Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-030612-47413mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
7800 במלאי
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole3mm100Yellow59030Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-030612-4741-13mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
17000 במלאי
Min 5
_Through Hole3mm100Yellow59030Yellow Diffused ROHS-20 to +80
SLR-030640-674-H3mm Yellow Round LEDDatasheetDetails
1280 במלאי
Min 5
sharlightThrough Hole3mm12000Yellow59215Water ClearROHS-20 to +80