2.54mm Full Profile DIP Piano (3 )


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סינון נבחר

3 מתוך 3 תוצאות

ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleInsulator colorCurrent Rating (A)Voltage Rating (V)ROHSProductLead Spacing (mm)Contact FormNumber of Positions
1-435802-6DIP Switch 4 Way Red 90˚ PianoDatasheetDetails
994 במלאי
Min 1
Through HoleBlack0.0525ROHSDip Switch2.54N/O4
DIP SWICH 10ADIP Switch 10 Way Red 90˚ Piano
31 במלאי
Min 1
AUKThrough HoleRed0.0525ROHSDip Switch2.54N/O10
SW08PDIP Switch 8 Way Red 90˚ PianoDatasheetDetails
1526 במלאי
Min 1
Through HoleBlue0.0525ROHSDip Switch2.54N/O8