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ImagePartDescriptionDatasheetQuentityPricing(USD)ManufacturerMounting StyleCurrent Rating (A)Voltage Rating (V)ROHSNumber of PositionsAngle of Throw
RS16A-1X6-HRotary SwitchDatasheetDetails
200 במלאי
Min 1
Panel Mount0.35125ROHSRotary Switch 1X660°
RS2611-1X12-HRotary Switch 1x12 Soldering WireDatasheetDetails
578 במלאי
Min 1
Panel Mount0.35125ROHS1 POLE 12POS 30°
RS2611-2X6-HRotary Switch 2x6 Soldering WireDatasheetDetails
430 במלאי
Min 1
Panel Mount0.35125ROHS2 POLE 6POS 30°
RS2611-3X4-HRotary Switch 3x4 Soldering WireDatasheetDetails
235 במלאי
Min 1
Panel Mount0.35125ROHS3 POLE 4POS 30°
RS2611-4X3-HRotary Switch 4x3 Soldering WireDatasheetDetails
24 במלאי
Min 1
Panel Mount0.35125ROHS4 POLE 3POS 30°